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Our campaigns are based around tense political scenarios, strict ROE, and story events that the members can effect. Victory isn't guaranteed and requires us all to work together. Be prepared to be frustrated, but remember, high stakes make for high adrenalin missions.


Though we have training standards, you'll be eligible to fly in our campaign as soon as you pass your Basic Type Rating, which takes less than 1 hour and has no required training. You just have to take off, shoot a weapon, and land in your preferred aircraft.

Weekly training

Training is never mandatory, but it is a core event in the Task Force. Our trainings are intended to be fun and social event, but also a time to learn more about your favorite aircraft. Unlike some groups, our trainings never take the place of campaign missions.


Meet your new team


The 93rd Tactical Fighter Squadron is a wild weasel F-16 squadron, on loan from the US Air Force to the Task Force. They specialize in SEAD, Strike, and the occasional CAP mission.

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The 332nd All Weather Fighter Squadron is a Hellenic Mirage 2000 squadron, providing air superiority and limited strike capabilities to the Task Force.

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357th Fighter Squadron

The 357th Fighter Squadron is an A-10C squadron, on loan from the US Air Force. They specialize in CAS, BAI, CAS, CAS, and of course: Close Air Superiority. You don't want to be on the ground when the Wyverns are cleared hot.

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F10 Angelholm

F10 Angelholm is a private military group operating retired AJS37 Viggens purchased from the Swedish Air Force. Daring and brave, F10 provides ELINT and additional strike capabilities to the Task Force, dodging SAMs flying just about the tree tops.

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Our Supporters

Team work makes the dream work

Oh god, she's got a knife! Run away! They're becoming sentient. Ahhhhhh

332nd AWS, Task Force Valhalla

Kortana is Task Force Valhalla's talented Mirage ace and mission scripting genius. If not for her support, and her time in the mission maker, it's pretty fair to say there would be no TFV.

357th FS, Task Force Valhalla

One of the first members of the 357th, Andrew is Dragon's most active non-command pilot! We appreciate his support both here, and on operations day.

93rd TFS, Task Force Valhalla

Sane is one of the original members of the 93rd, while his piloting is top-notch, his support for this group is inSane!

F10 Angelholm, Task Force Valhalla

Hoffman was one of the founding members of F10, and while we question his sanity, we will never question his love and support for this group!

93rd TFS, Task Force Valhalla

We thank Hex for his knowledge and support, and his ability to always find the nearest way out of Russia.